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'cause there ain't no party like an anna tea party. hey. ho.

Rosso antico torso of a centaur 1st -2nd century A.D. Marble


Rosso antico torso of a centaur 1st -2nd century A.D. Marble

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The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

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check my new shoes + socks


check my new shoes + socks

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also, while we’re at it? 

the world’s first novel was written by a woman

and not only that, but the first RECORDED WRITER IN HUMAN HISTORY? was a woman.

trust no one who tells you that we haven’t always been here

So this is pretty fucking badass

At your battle-cry, my lady, the foreign lands bow low. When humanity comes before you in awed silence at the terrifying radiance and tempest, you grasp the most terrible of all the divine powers. Because of you, the threshold of tears is opened, and people walk along the path of the house of great lamentations. In the van of battle, all is struck down before you. With your strength, my lady, teeth can crush flint. You charge forward like a charging storm. You roar with the roaring storm, you continually thunder with Iškur. You spread exhaustion with the stormwinds, while your own feet remain tireless. With the lamenting balaĝ drum a lament is struck up.

My lady, the great Anuna gods fly from you to the ruin mounds like scudding bats. They dare not stand before your terrible gaze. They dare not confront your terrible countenance. Who can cool your raging heart? Your malevolent anger is too great to cool. Lady, can your mood be soothed? Lady, can your heart be gladdened? Eldest daughter of Suen, your rage cannot be cooled!

The Sumerians knew how to write some shit I tell you what

This is important: her name was Enheduanna. Forgetting her name allows her work to be forgotten as well. I tried as many Google searches as I could think of for “first story in history” and all I got was Gilgamesh. 

Her name was Enheduanna. En-head-oo-ana, literally “high priestess adornment of the god, An.” She was an Ancient Mesopotamian princess, daughter of the king who literally created Ancient Mesopotamia. She was the original “En Priestess,” a royal daughter with great political influence.

She was a priestess of the moon good Nanna (or Sin), and she wrote many poems praising the goddess Inanna. She also wrote hymns that are regarded as the “first attempts at a systematic theology.” This woman was obviously powerful, smart, and a leader in theology and theory. Her name appointed her as the adornment of the god An, a high privilege. 

Enheduanna’s poems are super feminist. She was fired as priestess when her brother came into power, and then given the position back a few years later. Even though she was priestess of the male moon god, she thanked Inanna for her restoration. In some of her poems, she tells of Nanna (her god, remember, and a male god) stopping to gaze at Inanna’s beauty

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The Bandits by Dave Thacker


The Bandits by Dave Thacker

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Such polite barks

he gets up all excited the last time like YEAH I’M GONNA SPEAK YEAH WATCH THIS


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watching american hustle out of the corner of your eye on a transcontinental flight while the guy at the end of your row watches it with headphones is super confusing 

amy adams got arrested? something with jennifer lawrence and fire? magazines i think? maybe some polyester? 

oh, and bradley cooper’s hair was terrifying. that much i understood.

okay, so i’m realizing that “something with jennifer lawrence and fire” describes a good bit of her filmography

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